Thenpandian Spinning Mills

Thenpandian Spinning Mills

Thenpandian Spinning Mills (India) Private Limited, Established in year 2013, the company has been committed to produce high quality cotton yarn with sophisticated machineries and dedicated workforce with a capacity of 21000 spindles.

Thenpandian Spinning Mills (India) Pvt Ltd is formed by well qualified, professional and experienced directors on board who have a massive exposure and experience in the textile industry. The management team is support by an experienced & technically qualified team.

Our Products

Our Raw Materials are sourced from Gujarat, A.P and imported cotton from West Africa & U.S.

We manufacture

1. NE 30s to NE 80s 100% Combed and Carded Cotton Yarn for Knitting and Weaving.
2. NE 40s TO 80s Compact Combed Weaving Yarn Our domestic clients are in Tirupur, Erode, Ichalakarangi, Mumbai, Biwandi, and Kanpur.

Our Strengths

Sophisticated Machinery

Dedicated and Skilled Manpower

Total customer focus in all operational areas.

Entertaining customer feedback and suggestions


Infrastructure of Thenpandian is well set to meet with the requirements of domestic and international markets. Thenpandian mainly concentrate in manufacture of super fine quality of Carded, Combed and Combed Compact Yarn of Hosiery and Warp. Manufacturing facilities of Thenapndian are staffed with trained supervision and equipped with 21,000 spindles with fully integrated machineries from LMW Ltd, Coimbatore, autoconers from Schloforst, Germany & Muratec, Japan and Compact Attachments from H Fang, China.


The quality of product is outstanding as result of state of art new machinery and high quality raw material being consumed. Thenpandian produces Carded and Combed Yarn in counts varying from 16’s to 80’s. TRK keeps itself updated to the technological advances in the industry in its quest to produce high quality yarn and constantly invest in latest technological advances. The company has in-house world class testing laboratory with testing instruments from reputed machinery suppliers around the globe.

Compact yarn

Keeping the future in mind more than one lakh spindles of Suessen - Elite Compact attachment has been installed.